Anti lost security pull box

Pull box, also called pullbox, recoiler, merchandise display recoiler, recoil box, coil box, coiling device, mechanical security tether, retractable cable device, security retractor, enclosed spring reel, spring retriever, cable security positioner, is used as a wire harness positioner to display shop products. The consistent tension at a variety of forces, and various end fittings help show articles to clients conveniently and are good for theft prevention. Differnt cables and pull forces are available for you. Themechanical cable retractor is favorated by electronic stores, eyeglass stores, jewelry stores, etc.

Retractable safe pull box

Cable retractor, Security display recoiler, Pull box for displaying Mobile phones, cameras, MP3, MP4, GPS, Laptop, Retractable positioner, Cable display device, Retail display pullbox