Alarm security systems

Keenguard International Co., Ltd is a state-of-the art Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems and accessories manufacturer. The loss prevention and theft detection solutions under Acusto-Magnetic (AM) and Radio Frequency (RF) technologies help reduce shoplifting in retail stores.

With intensive R&D, extensive knowledge of retail environment and unsurpassed customer service, Keenguard becomes a fast growing company in Loss Prevention industry, and products all over the world.

EAS Hard Tag and Label
Keenguard offers variety of security tags in 8.2MHz and 58KHz frequency. Ink tag, Bottle tag, Milk tag, Jewelry tag, Opitcal tag, Spider tag and other reusable tags protect every retail products for retailers.
Radio Frequency (RF) and Acousto-Magnetic (AM) labels are available in white and faux barcode.

EAS accessories
Keenguard supplies a complete set of accessories for shoplifting prevention solutions. Tag detachers, label deactivators, security lanyards, and pins are available to meet different needs.

Security Tether and Mechanical Positioner
Pull box/ Recoiler is used for point of purchase security, and retail product positioning. The retractable and lock mechanism function are favored by mobile phone store and other digital shop owners. Different pull forces and end fittings are tailored to retailers' need.

Alarm Display Device
Alarm holder and Stand alone display stand are with independent display, auto alarm, charging and remote control functions. They are the best choice for protecting valuable merchandises, and widely used in electronic stores for security displaying Mobile phone, iPhone, GPS, MP3, MP4, Camera/DSLR, Laptop/iPad/Tablet.